Composable Commerce: Why you are (already) ready to make the switch

Composable Commerce: Why you are (already) ready to make the switch
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Here are ten reasons why YOU are (already) ready to make the switch:

  1. Your business lacks flexibility and scalability: A composable commerce approach allows for increased flexibility and scalability in your eCommerce setup. By breaking down your eCommerce platform into smaller, independent components, you can easily add, modify, or remove functionality as needed without affecting other parts of your platform. This allows you to adapt to changing business needs and grow your business without being constrained by a monolithic platform.
  2. You most likely already have the necessary skills in your team or agency to use modern web technologies: A composable commerce approach prioritizes component independence and agnosticism, allowing for flexibility in your choice of development techniques. Using components such as microservices, event-based communication, and headless architecture, commonly found in modern web technologies, ensures compatibility with your team or agency's existing skill set. This results in a streamlined setup for efficient development and maintenance of your eCommerce ecosystem.
  3. You understand the importance of integrated systems for a seamless customer shopping experience: Integrating systems is crucial for a seamless customer shopping experience. With a composable commerce approach, you can easily integrate different techniques and services, such as payment checkouts, inventory management, and customer relationship management, to provide a smooth and personalized shopping experience for your customers.
  4. You want to reach customers in multiple markets and offer them the same world-class experience as your home market: By using a composable commerce approach with modern components in the ecosystem, you can easily replicate your eCommerce setup in numerous markets and provide the same world-class experience to customers in those markets.
  5. You understand that modern architecture and infrastructure are necessary to future-proof your eCommerce business: A composable commerce approach utilizes modern architecture and infrastructure, which is essential to future-proof your eCommerce business. The strategy allows you to quickly adapt to new technologies and trends and ensure your ecosystem can continue to meet the needs of your business and customers in the future. No more re-platforming projects are needed.
  6. You recognize that a cloud-native infrastructure can give you the ability to scale resources quickly: A cloud-native or serverless infrastructure allows for quick scaling of resources, which is crucial for handling spikes in traffic and demand. A composable commerce approach utilizing serverless infrastructure (read more about What Serverless is) allows for efficient and effective scaling in a cloud environment during peaks and drops. Better resource utilization is also great for the environment.
  7. You understand the benefits of innovating and testing new ideas quickly: Having control over your environment is crucial for faster innovation and successful testing of new ideas. Adopting a composable commerce approach enables you to break down your platform into smaller, autonomous components. This way, you can set your own development pace for new features and functionality without jeopardizing the stability of the rest of your platform.
  8. Your business already uses several external components because of limitations in your current eCommerce platform: By using a composable commerce approach with API-first components, you can easily integrate external features and services, such as content management, inventory management, and customer relationship management, into your ecosystem. This approach eliminates the need for complicated workarounds and expensive custom integrations caused by limitations in your current eCommerce platform. It will also enable a much more stable setup compared to multiple workarounds.
  9. You and your team understand the importance of keeping up with trends and technical innovation to continuously offer a great customer experience: Keeping up with trends and technological innovation is crucial for providing a great customer experience. A composable commerce approach allows you to easily adapt and update your ecosystem to stay current and offer new features and functionality to your customers.
  10. You already have a loyal customer base: While there are other alternatives for a business just starting out, a composable commerce approach allows you to maintain and expand upon your loyal customer base by providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience. Integrating different systems and services and quickly adapting to new trends and technologies allows you to continuously improve and evolve your platform to meet your customers' needs.

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