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Discount Management made easy peasy.

Effortlessly manage discounts with Brink Commerce API's intuitive discount management tools. Create and manage cart rules, vouchers, and discount codes with ease, all while ensuring accuracy and consistency of your pricing strategy. There are three types of discounts available.

Promotional Prices

Set a lower price for a segment of products from your ERP. The price will be reflected in your store.

Discount Codes

Easily create discount codes tailored to specific channels, markets, or customer groups.

Cart Rules

Create automatic discounts to customers who fulfill a specified criteria, using a wide range of variables.

Create and Distribute Discount Codes

Discount codes are a powerful tool in the Brink Commerce API arsenal. These codes are unique identifiers that offer a specific discount when entered at checkout. They can be valid for a predetermined period or indefinitely, and can be tailored to specific channels, countries, or customer groups.
Discount codes require a unique identifier to be applied at checkout.
They can be created easily and set within a specific timeframe.
Multiple codes can be generated automatically
These codes can be shared widely, offering a great opportunity for promotional marketing.
Create discount codes with Brink Commerce API

targeted promotions

Discount Rules - Logic To Add Delight To The Shopping Experience

Discount rules, also known as cart rules, are a unique offering within the Brink Commerce API, providing automatic discounts to customers who fulfill the specified criteria. These criteria could range from the total cart value to the number of items in a cart, offering a high degree of customization for targeted promotions. Surprise customers when they meet the conditions and see the discount applied, add an element of delight to their shopping experience.

Conditions and Outcomes

The Brink Commerce API provides a versatile suite of discount options by combining a variety of conditions and outcomes. Whether it's setting a minimum number of cart items to qualify for a discount or requiring a certain cart value to avail free shipping, businesses can tailor their promotional strategies to suit their objectives and their customers' preferences. Similarly, the application of discounts can be customized per store group or country, allowing businesses to adapt their strategies for different markets.
Combining conditions and outcomes allows businesses to create a broad array of promotions, tailoring them to specific products, customer behaviors, or market conditions.
By offering different discounts based on the store group or the country code, businesses can cater to different customer demographics or respond to different market dynamics.
The flexibility provided by these combinations can lead to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced market penetration.
Cart over threshold outcome for discount rulesCart over threshold logic for discount rules

Offer Free Shipping If...

One of the most popular forms of eCommerce incentives, free shipping is offered when specific conditions are met. This could be tied to a minimum cart value or the purchase of particular items.
Free Shipping Discount With Brink Commerce APIFree Shipping Outcome With Brink Commerce API

Gift With Purchase (GWP)

If the total value of the cart items is at least $200, the customer receives a free gift. This can be a high-value incentive to encourage larger purchases.
Brink Commerce API Discounts Cart Item ValueBrink Commerce API discounts GWP - Gift with purchase

Buy X and get Y

If a customer buys one pair of shoes, they get a great discount on a pair of socks. This can help promote specific product combinations in specific markets.
Brink Commerce API discounts Brink Commerce API discounts buy x get x

Available Combinations

The Brink Commerce API provides a versatile suite of discount options by combining a variety of conditions and outcomes.



Cart over threshold - the start of a range
Cart discount
Cart under threshold - the end of a range
Buy X get X
Minimum cart items
Buy X get discount on Y
Minimum cart items value
Item discounts
Store Group - usually the store market
Free shipping
Country code
Gift with purchase (GWP)

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