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Management APIs

Embarking on an online selling journey allows you to reach billions of potential customers worldwide, turning the globe into your marketplace. However, being globally accessible doesn't mean every customer's preference will be identical. It's crucial to understand what your customers want. Enter the Brink Commerce API's management APIs. This is your control center where you, as a merchant, can control your eCommerce operations.

Create and manage Products

The product management API from Brink Commerce facilitates efficient catalog creation and maintenance, with integrations to ERP or PIM. Our flexible model allows integrating systems to push and enrich product data on parent-variant and add-on levels by the flick of a switch. Product data can be easily enriched and managed, with high-volume data handling. It also enables subscription to product management events via AWS EventBridge or traditional Webhooks.
Easily create and maintain your product catalog.
Subscribe to important product events.
Handle large product data volumes efficiently.
Set conditions for discounts and transactions.
Enrich product data easily via PIM or other systems.
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Management API - Create products

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Manage your Inventory

Brink Commerce's stock management functionality ensures the availability of your products across different locations and sales channels by enabling you to create and update multiple inventories.
Create and manage multiple inventories.
Prioritize and update your inventories.
Customize product allocation and reservation.
Ensure product availability everywhere.
Separate stock per sales channels or warehouses.
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Management API - Manage Inventory

Control Prices with ease

With Brink Commerce, you can flexibly set prices via the price management API. This allows you to control your sales and commercial roadmap effectively.
Flexibly set prices using the price management API.
Tailor offerings per market or channel.
Manage diverse B2B and D2C pricing strategies.
Integrate with your ERP or a DXP for better control
Ensure compliance with the Omnibus Directive.
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Management API - Manage Prices per Market

Handle Tax and Compliance

The Tax Management API by Brink Commerce lets you create different tax groups and ensure accurate VAT calculations. It also integrates with Tax Compliance services for further ease.
Create tailored tax groups.
Ensure accurate VAT calculations and compliance.
Set VAT yourself or via integrated third-party services.
Differentiate tax groups per product variant.
integrations to Avalara and TaxJar available.
US Tax Reporting with Brink Commerce

Configure Providers

The configuration API lets you set and maintain provider (external services for payment, shipping, tax, CRM) configurations at the Store Market level, thus tailoring the API to your commercial and legal needs. The configuration API has an interface available in the Brink Merchant Portal, alongside other configuration options such as Store, Inventory, and Discount.
Set and maintain provider configurations.
Tailor the API to your specific needs.
Maintain configurations on a Store Market level.
Maintain commercial processes and legal compliance.
Manage configurations via the Brink Merchant Portal.
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