Performance, flexibility, and simplicity for Efva Attling

Performance, flexibility, and simplicity for Efva Attling


Efva Attling is Sweden’s most renowned jewelry brand and appointed purveyor to the royal court of Sweden. Founded by the multifaceted entrepreneur Efva Attling in 1996, the strategy is omnichannel, selling online, in its own concept stores, and through resellers. Today they have 9 concept stores in Scandinavia and over 200 resellers around the world.

When Efva Attling started their online journey they hit a few bumps in the road. They couldn't find a platform that gave them easy access and basic features they needed, and the implementation project never ended.

One of the main issues was the integration of their complex product structure, being much more time-consuming than expected. This created a conflict in their processes and put Efva Attling in a difficult position. After 18 months of integration and discussions, with many basic features still not fully functional, it was time to try something new.

“When we first started working together with Brink Commerce, we instantly felt the advantages of working with a headless and API-only platform. The big difference, compared to our previous project, was that we had the freedom to choose what processes we wanted to support based on our actual needs, instead of what was possible due to technical limitations. This instantly made us feel much more in control of our own business.” says Petra Dranger Jendermyr, Marketing Director at Efva Attling
Efva Attling
Efva Attling


Early on, Brink Commerce identified three key factors for success; speed, flexibility, and simplicity. Instead of Efva Attling’s previous experience, with a slow time to market, we were able to implement a fully functional setup in only 15 weeks. The concept of Composable Commerce is one of the main advantages of Brink Commerce API, and also what made the implementation process much more efficient. Brink’s API-only approach is also what enabled the ERP system to be a key factor in the new setup.

“To work with Efva Attling has been a great way to test our limits when it comes to creating simplicity, and easy day-to-day operations. We wanted to make sure that every part of the business was easily managed and still highly functional and specific to their needs, while at the same time giving them plenty of room to expand their business” says Kristian Tysander, CEO and Co-founder of Brink Commerce.

Together with our eCommerce agency partner Rivercode, we were able to offer Efva Attling all the features they needed from the start, without having to compromise when it came to functionality or design.


Since the day of the launch, the Efva Attling website has been up and running and there are only possibilities ahead. We created a solution, combining several enterprise systems working together in a best-of-breed setup around Brink Commerce API.

This setup has made it possible for Efva Attling to work more on their Customer Experience and Business development rather than spending time on making basic functions work. It has opened up new possibilities and made them more confident to expand and improve their e-commerce experience.





Stay tuned for more Efva Attling stories, their digital transformation journey has just started and it is an absolute honor for Brink Commerce to support such a brave, forward-leaning organization and powerful brand.

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