The Story of brink commerce

Born from Challenge

Our journey began in 2017, when Kristian Tysander and Patrik Antonsson, two of our founders, were working at Daniel Wellington. They were part of the team that had built the tech ecosystem that propelled Daniel Wellington’s global expansion, using the cutting-edge technology available at the time. However, they started encountering severe capacity issues during product launches and big campaigns. The sheer volume of traffic and orders from various regions was overwhelming, and there was no existing system capable of managing this influx. This resulted in system crashes, lost business, and unfortunately, frustrated customers.
The Brink Commerce Founders
Founders (From Left) Marcus, Kristian, and Patrik

A New Approach: Founding of Brink Commerce

Following countless sleepless nights and much pondering, Kristian and Patrik teamed up with Marcus Ljungberg, who was then working at Klarna. They had a bold vision: to create a solution that did not yet exist, based on a pioneering approach that would redefine commerce. Their aspirations materialized into the Brink Commerce API.

Building the Brink Commerce Team

After a period of tireless effort, Brink Commerce was officially established in 2020. The first employee was hired that year, and the inaugural office was launched in Stockholm. Over the next few years, between 2020 and 2021, the company grew steadily, onboarding numerous successful customers and expanding key competencies.

Key Milestones and Growth: The Journey to 2024

By 2023, we had evolved into a 20-strong team of top-tier professionals. We had also successfully completed a seed funding round to fuel our scaling-up phase, with support from notable investors like Jarno Vanhatapio (Nelly, NA-KD), Alexander Hars (Let’s deal, Desenio), Albin Johansson (Axel Arigato), Filip Tysander (Daniel Wellington), and esteemed investment firms Wellstreet and Innovation Nest.

The Road Ahead: Expansion and Aspirations

At the end of 2023, we announced a major funding round, exceeding 20 million SEK, led by Forward VC from the Netherlands and our chairman Daniel Johnsson of Quiq. This investment signifies a commitment to Brink's growth and potential in e-commerce. With a revenue increase of over 250% in the past two years, Brink is nearing positive cash flow in the Nordic region and plans to expand into Poland, the Netherlands, and the UK.

Our product has proven its mettle, effectively addressing modern commerce challenges. We take pride in aiding numerous international customers on their growth journeys, and watching our system capably manage all the high traffic and significant campaigns thrown at it. We now have offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Malaga and are ready to kickstart our global expansion.

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