Tom Wood Selects Brink Commerce and Panagora to Facilitate Exciting Growth Phase

August 22, 2023
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Tom Wood Selects Brink Commerce and Panagora to Facilitate Exciting Growth Phase

Renowned for its modern interpretation of historical signet rings and rooted in Scandinavian aesthetics, simplicity, and functionalism, Tom Wood represents the very forefront of innovative and sustainable luxury brands.

The company was founded in 2013 by Mona Jensen when she launched her first jewelry collection based on a modern interpretation of historical signet rings. Since then, Tom Wood has developed into one of the most innovative and sought-after brands globally. Tom Wood is now a team of 35 with offices in Oslo and Paris. The products can be found at the finest luxury retailers and department stores across the globe, such as KITH in NYC, Boon the Shop in Seoul, Tomorrowland in Tokyo, and various Dover Street Market locations.

Morten Isachsen and Mona Jensen
Morten Isachsen and Mona Jensen (image courtesy of Tom Wood)

Rooted in Scandinavian aesthetics, simplicity, and functionalism, and with a focus on reduced environmental impact, the brand is now embarking on a new digital journey with Brink Commerce API as the foundation.

"Brink Commerce and Panagora are the right partners for us. Their combined expertise will enable us to work smarter and faster, delivering an online experience worthy of our brand values, almost like a flagship store available globally," says Morten Isachsen, Managing Director at Tom Wood.

The partnership initiates an exciting new project that will see the creation of a composable commerce ecosystem for Tom Wood. Using the Brink Commerce API as its foundation, the ecosystem will feature best-of-breed components from industry-leading vendors. Not only focusing on functional elements such as payments, ERP and CRM systems, logistics and warehousing solutions, and tax and compliance functions but also emphasizes a superior user interface and design to deliver a world-class shopping experience for customers worldwide.

"We've admired the work of Panagora for a long time, and it's thrilling that we finally have the chance to collaborate. This partnership, formed around the exciting project for Tom Wood, is an opportunity to combine our strengths and create a great solution for a brand that demonstrates immense potential and shares our values," says Kristian Tysander, CEO at Brink Commerce.

Panagora, known for building some of the fastest-loading online stores in the world, brings to the partnership their extensive experience in cross-border eCommerce and a reputation for excellent UI and UX design. With dedicated teams and a platform-agnostic approach, Panagora helps companies grow their business by connecting customers globally with business concepts, using the best-suited technology and localized market strategy and adaptation.

Fredrik Schweinebarth, co-founder and CTO of Panagora, comments on the collaboration: "It's an honor to join forces with Brink Commerce to support Tom Wood in their growth plans. This partnership exemplifies the potential of eCommerce when innovative technology and deep market knowledge come together."

This project aligns perfectly with Brink Commerce's strategic goals of working with a few select experienced partners to help customers thrive in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

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