Cavour takes the next step on its journey in style with Brink Commerce API

November 24, 2022
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Cavour takes the next step on its journey in style with Brink Commerce API

Norwegian brand Cavour is on a perpetual quest to improve, refine and evolve. This quest has now led them to take the next step, using headless and serverless Brink Commerce API as the foundation.

Since the inception of Cavour, the goal has always been to create a journey in style, quality, and the gentle touch of luxury for quality-conscious consumers. The company is the result of years of research, experience, genuine passion, and great ambition.  

The business concept is to provide the market with garments of the highest quality, designed to last​​. Each piece is constructed to give a sartorial and made to measure-feeling​​. The aim is to help each customer to build a personalized wardrobe where every piece has a place.

The same principle, of course, goes for composable commerce ecosystems. They are created to be future-proof and easy to "dress up or down" by adding or removing best-of-breed components.

In the quest to constantly improve, Cavour has decided to use Brink Commerce API as the foundation for its next digital chapter.

"Since the start, we have strived to improve every day in everything we do. But, while we certainly appreciate the classics in fashion, we understand that successful online commerce is much more about the ability to look forward, adapt to consumer needs, and discover new ways. Brink Commerce API gives us the tools to do just that, to experiment and implement change as needed," says Richard Scharnke, founder of the Cavour brand and stores.

Together with other best-of-breed products, Brink Commerce API supports Cavour in its eCommerce journey. The new composable commerce ecosystem will consist of a new CDN, a new front-end framework and CMS, a new PIM, and a host of other modern components. Brink Commerce API will be the backbone, handling the orders and cart creation.

"Listening to Cavour talk about what they value is very interesting. I recognize a lot of what they want to pursue in the things we are trying to do with Brink Commerce as a company. Their new digital strategy is impressive, and we believe our product will be a great foundation for their continued success," says Kristian Tysander, CEO at Brink Commerce.

The new Cavour composable ecosystem will launch in the coming months - in the meantime, visit the current Cavour site to start your own journey in style.

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