Riding in Style: Avie Cheval is Leading the Charge in Rider Fashion with Brink Commerce and World-360.

October 25, 2023
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Riding in Style: Avie Cheval is Leading the Charge in Rider Fashion with Brink Commerce and World-360.

Fashion and function meet in the equestrian world thanks to Avie Cheval, a brand that's setting the standard for rider wear. Founded by Natalie Tideström Heidmark and Nicolin Lillhage, Avie Cheval has moved beyond traditional equestrian attire to create something stylish and practical. In their pursuit of excellence, they've chosen to collaborate with Brink Commerce API and World-360.

The Origin of Avie Cheval: A Passion for Design and Function

Natalie and Nicolin were inspired by their daughters' love for horse riding. "We've always been interested in chic and functional sportswear. Spending time at the stables sparked a conversation around designing the best clothes for riding," said the duo. They wanted to fill the gap in riding apparel with a brand that embodies quality and fashion.

What makes Avie Cheval unique? Natalie and Nicolin said, "Our focus has been on fantastic materials, a superb feminine fit, and innovative fashion. Avie Cheval creates riding clothes for all riders, regardless of level. Our clothing line offers more than a brand; it offers a trendy and iconic lifestyle."

They've even got seasonal collections to look forward to: "Our Teddy jacket and 'Active Breeches' in dusty gray and blue tones are bound to be popular this fall," they proudly added.

Empowering Women Through Apparel

A core part of the brand's mission is to "inspire women to believe in themselves." Avie Cheval is all about creating a community that supports and inspires each other. "Everything at Avie Cheval is thoughtfully designed for women, by women. From product development to marketing and sales, we work with incredible female riders of all ages," said the founders.

The Tech Boost: Brink Commerce API and World-360

So, how does technology fit into all this? That's where Brink Commerce API and World-360 come in. "Thanks to their robust technical solutions, we can focus entirely on design, product development, and marketing," Natalie and Nicolin say.

Brink Commerce CEO and Co-founder Kristian Tysander adds: "eCommerce tech should never be just a tool; it should be a catalyst. So, we're proud to provide the technical framework that allows Avie Cheval to focus on what they do best. Our API brings agility and customization to the table, enabling Avie Cheval to scale while staying true to their core vision."

From a technical standpoint, World-360 has crafted an ecosystem centered on Brink Commerce API. With integrations to best-of-breed systems and services such as Storyblok, Plytix, Klarna, and nShift, this ecosystem equips Avie Cheval with the agility and confidence to scale globally.

Future Goals: Scaling New Heights

When it comes to their future aspirations, Avie Cheval sees Brink Commerce API as an integral part of their scaling strategy. "We're confident that our ability to handle high traffic during large campaigns will ensure consistent sales performance on any market," they said.

Avie - Active. Vogue. Iconic. Empowering.

If you're curious to learn more about this dynamic brand and how it's elevating the equestrian fashion game, visit Avie Cheval's website at www.aviecheval.com.

The collaboration between Avie Cheval, Brink Commerce, and World-360 exemplifies how fashion, community, and cutting-edge technology can come together to deliver a comprehensive, modern, and empowering consumer experience. So, are you ready to saddle up in style?

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