Meet Team Brink - Viktor Erbro: A Day in the Life

Meet Team Brink - Viktor Erbro: A Day in the Life
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At the heart of Brink Commerce's growth is a team of dedicated professionals who build amazing products and ensure that our customers get the most out of them. Without this team, Brink Commerce would be just another name in the crowded field of eCommerce solutions. Today, we're spotlighting one such team member—Viktor Erbro—to give you a glimpse into the people who make Brink Commerce what it is.

Why join Brink Commerce?

Viktor was looking for something fresh and exciting in the eCommerce sector when he stumbled upon Brink Commerce. "The opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology in eCommerce was a big draw for me," says Viktor. "I wanted to be part of a company on the rise."

How do you find success?

Teamwork is a big deal at Brink. Viktor often finds himself programming in pairs. "This close collaboration helps us excel in our roles," he notes. "It's a two-way street—I get to do what I'm good at and learn from my coworkers." This supportive atmosphere quickly built his confidence in the product, allowing him to contribute meaningfully daily.

What keeps you going?

Viktor has a knack for problem-solving, which comes in handy in his role. "Every day is a new puzzle. I look at the different parts of our product and think about the best way to approach them," he explains. He also enjoys seeing a project through from start to finish and witnessing customers use the end product.

What are some of things you have worked on?

As part of the product development team, Viktor is heavily involved in all aspects of the development of Brink Commerce API. "We are a tight-knit team, pushing each other to learn new things. For example, I have put a lot of effort into building our powerful discount solution and, most recently, a new way of managing stock reservations," he says. "When you start factoring in all possible use cases, eCommerce solutions are pretty complex, but it's also very rewarding to develop solutions for them. Especially when you can create something flexible and easy to use."

A little something extra

When he's not at work, Viktor is a 2nd dan black belt in Taekwondo. It's a different problem-solving but requires the same focus and discipline he applies to his job.

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If you're an enterprise aiming to grow your eCommerce operations, consider this: With Brink Commerce API, you're not just getting a product. You're gaining a partner with a team committed to helping you succeed. Get in touch!

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