Meet Team Brink: A Conversation with Rockstar Developer Mikael Jonasson

Meet Team Brink: A Conversation with Rockstar Developer Mikael Jonasson
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Today, we're happy to introduce you to Mikael Jonasson, one of the rockstar developers behind Brink Commerce API. Mikael's insights offer a glimpse into the technical challenges and opportunities that make Brink Commerce a leading name in Composable Commerce.

Why Brink Commerce?

Choosing the right workplace is crucial for any professional. At Brink Commerce, we want to foster a culture of camaraderie and mutual respect to attract top-tier talent like Mikael. He was drawn to Brink Commerce by the allure of our cutting-edge technology. But it wasn't just the tech that caught his eye but also the people. "The product and technology were inspiring, but the people here at Brink were what sealed the deal," Mikael shares. "The sense of fulfillment that comes from collaboratively tackling and conquering even our most challenging objectives is rewarding," he continues.

The Triumphs in Technical Work

Delivering high-quality solutions that meet diverse needs, from performance to cost-efficiency, is something the Development team focuses heavily on. Mikael finds that attention to detail is a significant aspect of his role. "Whether we're developing for performance, usability, or cost, achieving high quality is crucial. The details really matter," he explains.

Professional Growth

A good grasp of many things is essential in eCommerce, especially when you work with products made for Composable Commerce ecosystems. Mikael appreciates the broad spectrum of technologies Brink Commerce engages with for his career development. "We work very widely, from AWS cloud services to front-end technology. You're always learning, either from your work or a colleague," he says. "I think one of the things that pulled me into joining Brink Commerce was the chance to work on a mix of different projects, all using up-to-date tech," he adds.

The Development Process

Agility is a practice embedded in our daily operations. Mikael describes the development process and his day-to-day like this: "We obviously focus on what's important to our customers and product first. But we also put a lot into building a strong infrastructure," Mikael says. "This way, we can quickly respond to customer needs while keeping everything running smoothly."

Proud Moments

Integrations are a vital part of Composable Commerce, and his skills in this area stand out and make a big difference for our customers. Mikael mentions his recent work on integrations with key components, such as Adyen, Retain24, and Voyado. "These are important players in the eCommerce industry that many of our customers use," he notes.

Team Collaboration

At Brink Commerce, flexibility and teamwork are essential elements for our success. Our team structure is designed to encourage collaboration, reinforcing our belief that collective intelligence leads to better outcomes. On the topic of teamwork, Mikael appreciates the flexible approach at Brink Commerce. "Teams form depending on the task at hand. We often discuss in large groups, which then leads to task execution. It's an effective way to work," he concludes.

Mikael's experience at Brink Commerce illustrates how our focus on technical excellence and teamwork helps us stand out in the eCommerce industry.

Stay tuned for more insights from Team Brink as we continue to set the standard in Composable Commerce.

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