This is what you need to do to thrive in the future eCommerce market

This is what you need to do to thrive in the future eCommerce market

Consumer behavior is constantly changing how buyers are shopping and interacting with brands and products. Some new habits are becoming very popular amongst consumers, such as online shopping, value-consciousness, personalization, interactive products, and multi-experiential interactions. These tendencies are transforming how eCommerce companies operate.

Brands are looking into a more customer-centric approach and developing new marketing strategies to attract and engage consumers. To accommodate new requirements from consumers and create a personalized omnichannel experience, new technologies (such as Headless Content Management Systems like Storyblok and Headless eCommerce like Brink Commerce) are supporting eCommerce brands to differentiate themselves and finally offer a real digital experience to consumers.

To overcome major challenges, companies are starting to consider working with future-oriented solutions and the best of breed approach, incorporating those microservices into their technical ecosystems in order to create a seamless and unique experience for their customers.

I believe that to be ahead of the game, some trends that might shape the future of eCommerce are:

1 - Multi-experiential buying journey

To offer a multichannel experience (Website, Apps, Digital Screens, Voice Activated Speaker, Storefront, and Smartwatches) and making use of social commerce (social platforms to market and sell products) will allow brands to have a closer relationship with their customers.

2 - Smart Automation

The use of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Interactive Products can support customers to find items easily, answer questions faster, and recommend solutions on time.

3 - Sustainable eCommerce

Green initiatives are meeting market demands while safeguarding the environment. Sustainable eCommerce does not degrade the natural environment, and it involves practices such as waste reduction, minimizing CO2 emissions, using eco-friendly packaging, etc.

4 - Personalized Experience

A tailored storytelling, with customized messaging, proven to connect with the modern behavior of customers, building trust and increasing their satisfaction with the digital experience. Personalized messaging, delivered fast with high quality, will have a direct impact on the brand's success.

5 - Flexible/Advanced Systems

Companies will work in a more efficient way with best-of-breed and Headless technologies allowing them to select the best in class in their own niche and connect those microservices into a modern tech stack that will operate in a secure and adaptable environment.

The future of eCommerce is not only about selling products online but also about creating memorable and engaging experiences for customers across multiple channels and platforms. To thrive in this competitive and dynamic market, brands need to leverage the power of new technologies and customer behavior analysis. The future of eCommerce is exciting and challenging, and I believe that brands that embrace these trends will have a competitive edge over their rivals.

Priscilla Motta, Account Executive, Storyblok GmbH

Priscilla Motta
Priscilla Motta

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