Brink Commerce API Updates for October 2023

Brink Commerce API Updates for October 2023
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Introducing the new Order Management Engine

Exciting times at Brink Commerce! We're adding a host of strategic functionality to serve your needs better. First on the list? Our new Order Management Engine.

Here's why this matters to you.

The Challenge

Scaling your business while keeping costs in check? Easier said than done. Traditional ERP systems can become cumbersome money sinks, offering less wiggle room for the dynamic merchant.

We get it. But technologies like MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless) are changing the game. That's why we're not just joining the conversation. Instead, we want to set a new standard. Composable Commerce built on MACH is the future—and we're enabling you to tailor every inch of your commercial ecosystem.

So, instead of merely improving the shopping experience, we're now adding the ability to streamline the post-purchase operations for long-term flexibility.

The Game-Changer

We are thrilled to announce that we are extending our product offering to include post-purchase operations with our new Order Management Engine. This service aims to 'decompose' the monolithic structure of ERPs by offering:

  • Reduced Costs: Say goodbye to ERP Order Management expenses.
  • No Lock-in Effect: Mix, match, and switch services on the fly.
  • Lean Operations: Boost efficiency without breaking a sweat.
  • No More Replatforming: Say goodbye to the tedious and costly process of moving from one platform to another.

Introducing New Features for B2B Merchants

Brink Commerce sets the standard in Composable Commerce with our latest update to Brink Commerce API. Designed to facilitate your entry into the growing B2B sector, this update ensures compliance with EU B2B VAT regulations.

New Features for B2B Merchants

As part of this update, the Brink Commerce API now includes features facilitating B2B sales. "B2B" or "Business-to-Business" commerce is defined as selling and displaying products without tax to organizations while providing tailored payment and shipping options.

The new functionality allows merchants to sell both with and without tax, depending on the tax eligibility of the purchasing company. This ensures that transactions are handled efficiently, saving time and reducing the margin of error.

Technical Specifications

The new release provides robust technical capabilities to ensure seamless operation:

Store Groups

Merchants can now designate their store groups, a collection of sales channels, as either B2C (Business-to-Consumer) or B2B (Business-to-Business) when setting up. This makes it easier for businesses to manage channels tailored specifically for consumer or organizational buyers. Furthermore, Store Groups allow you to tailor payment, shipping details, and promotions on a per-channel basis.

B2B Channel Type

When selecting a B2B channel type, only prices that exclude VAT are allowed. This ensures that organizations clearly understand costs without the added layer of tax, adhering to standard B2B practices.

Country of Sale

Merchants can specify the country of sale for B2B channels. This is a crucial feature for complying with tax legislation, as it defines from which country the purchase is legally taking place.

Tax Exemption per Market

Merchants can specify whether tax exemption is allowed for each market they serve. This adds another layer of customization and ensures compliance with local tax laws.

Session Fields

In a B2B session using Brink Commerce API, merchants can now set specific fields such as vatNo for VAT identification and invoiceReference for smooth invoicing procedures.

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level of agility and customization? Get in touch.

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