Brink Commerce API Wrapped 2023

Brink Commerce API Wrapped 2023
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In 2023, our product development team continued to set the standard in the eCommerce industry, introducing a suite of innovative features designed to streamline merchant operations and enhance customer experiences. With a focus on seamless integration, security, and efficiency, these updates reflect our ongoing commitment to enabling businesses to adapt swiftly to the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

Here's a look at the key advancements we added to Brink Commerce API in 2023:

  1. External Event Handling in Merchant Portal Allows merchants to configure and manage events/webhooks for services like products and orders in the Brink Merchant Portal. Enhances integration with AWS services by enabling easy forwarding of events to AWS SNS/SQS, etc.
  2. WAF for Shopper API Adds a web application firewall (WAF) to shopper APIs for enhanced protection against malicious usage. Helps in blocking unwanted crawlers and safeguarding price and product information.
  3. Shipping Attributes for Providers Enables merchants to pass specific product attributes, such as digital gift cards or dangerous goods, to shipping providers. This feature enhances the accuracy and relevance of shipping processes.
  4. Voyado Vouchers Integration Integrates Voyado's Promotions module to generate and validate vouchers based on customer loyalty programs. Automates voucher availability at checkout, rewarding customer loyalty.
  5. Update to Order Grand Total Modifies the order grand total calculation to include gift card amounts. This update ensures more accurate financial reporting and customer billing.
  6. Product View in Merchant Portal Introduces a new feature to display different product types in the Brink Merchant Portal. Ensures easy visibility of products, variants, and add-ons, along with their detailed information.
  7. API Key Management in Merchant Portal Enhances API key management in the Merchant Portal, allowing viewing, creation, and deletion of API keys. Offers better control and security for third-party integrations.
  8. Resend Order Event Feature Allows re-triggering of order events or webhooks in the Merchant Portal, restricted to superusers. This feature aids in correcting or updating order information post-event.
  9. Back In Stock Notification via Webhooks Communicates stock level changes using webhooks/events, providing real-time inventory updates to personalization systems. Ensures customers and merchants are promptly informed about stock availability.
  10. Sequence Numbers for Events Adds sequence numbers to events, enabling better tracking and managing event versions for merchants and integrators.
  11. Personal Customs Code in Checkout Incorporates a unique customs code (PCC) field in the checkout process, enhancing the order and delivery accuracy for international transactions.
  12. User Management in Brink Admin Simplifies user management within the Brink Commerce Retail API, allowing creation, deletion, and role assignment for users. Streamlines administrative tasks and enhances store security.
  13. Svea Webpay Integration Adds Svea Webpay to the payment options, offering flexible payment solutions for both eCommerce and in-store transactions.
  14. Save View Settings in Brink Admin Allows users to save customized view settings in Brink Admin, such as order per page and applied filters, for a more personalized and efficient experience.
  15. Shipping Tax Group Configuration Introduces the ability for users to configure shipping tax groups directly in the Merchant Portal, streamlining tax management.
  16. Voucher Group/Code Prefix Setting Allows setting a prefix for voucher groups and codes, aiding in tracking and reporting.
  17. Bulk Discount Code Generation Enables mass generation of promotional codes and vouchers, complete with customization options like prefixes and downloadability for CRM integration.
  18. Gift with Purchase (GWP) Feature Offers the ability to create discount rules where customers receive gifts with their purchases, enhancing promotional appeal and customer engagement.
  19. Sales Units and Promotion Flexibility Introduces the ability to sell products in various units and offers more nuanced "buy one, get one" promotions, giving merchants greater control over their sales strategies.
  20. Svea Checkout Payment Provider Integration Integrates Svea Checkout, enhancing the payment process with various options and ensuring seamless operation with other Brink functionalities.
  21. CDN Capabilities and Performance Boost Introduces CDN functionality for caching critical information and significantly increases the performance of selected API endpoints, ensuring accurate, real-time customer experiences.
  22. CRM Provider Integration with Voyado for Vouchers Extends integration with Voyado, focusing on voucher functionality within the Promotions module, enhancing customer rewards and checkout experiences.
  23. Real-Time Stock Change Notifications Offers real-time stock status updates via webhooks/events, essential for keeping merchandising strategies responsive to actual inventory levels.
  24. API Credential Management in Merchant Portal Allows comprehensive management of API credentials directly in the Merchant Portal, improving security and ease of administration.
  25. Simplified Event Management Facilitates easy configuration of AWS EventBridge or API destinations in the Merchant Portal, ensuring timely updates and flexible tech stack integration.
  26. Seamless Nshift Shipping Integration Extends robust shipping features to integrate seamlessly with Nshift, enhancing delivery options and checkout experience with Klarna’s Shipping Assistant.
  27. Order Management Engine for Post-Purchase Operations Introduces a new service to manage post-purchase operations, aiming to decompose traditional ERP structures and enhance operational efficiency.
  28. New Features for B2B Merchants Updates Brink Commerce API to support B2B sales, comply with EU B2B VAT regulations, and offer tailored B2B-specific functionalities.
  29. Walley Integration for Nordic Market Payments Integrates Walley for flexible payment processing in the Nordic market, which is especially beneficial for B2B transactions.
  30. Upgraded Voyado Integration for Enhanced Voucher Management Upgraded Voyado integration for streamlined management of vouchers and promotions, supporting multi-channel offers and enhancing customer experiences.
  31. 'OptimizeBuyGet' for Advanced Discount Management Introduces 'OptimizeBuyGet' in the promotion engine, allowing merchants to set up dynamic offers that encourage larger purchases and customer satisfaction.

Brink Commerce is not just a partner but a key partner in the growth and evolution of your eCommerce journey. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to lead the way in Composable Commerce, enabling merchants to create unique, responsive customer experiences.

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