Brink Commerce API Updates for September 2023

Brink Commerce API Updates for September 2023
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We're thrilled to introduce two standout updates to Brink Retail API, designed to optimize your workflow and expand your capabilities.

Simplified Event Management in Merchant Portal

Event management is now a breeze. Connect your AWS EventBridge directly within the Merchant Portal to start receiving real-time notifications for product updates, discount alterations, and order statuses. If EventBridge isn't your go-to, you can effortlessly configure API destinations for your event handling needs.


  • Effortless Event Updates: Get real-time notifications without the hassle.
  • Tech Stack Flexibility: Opt for AWS EventBridge or API destinations to align with your technology needs.

Seamless Nshift Shipping Integration

We've extended the robust shipping features from our Brand API to the Retail API. Now, you can integrate seamlessly with Nshift to unlock a wide array of delivery options. What's more, this integration is fully compatible with Klarna’s Shipping Assistant, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for your customers.


  • Expanded Shipping Choices: Elevate customer satisfaction with diverse shipping options.
  • Optimized Checkout: Klarna's Shipping Assistant facilitates a streamlined checkout process.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to set the standard in Composable Commerce. They're designed to bring you unmatched efficiency and control in managing your eCommerce operations.

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