Brink Commerce API Updates for November 2023

Brink Commerce API Updates for November 2023
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Latest Innovations in Brink Commerce API: Streamlining eCommerce Operations

As eCommerce continues to evolve, Brink Commerce remains at the forefront of innovation. Our latest updates to the Brink Commerce API bring a suite of new features and integrations, each designed to simplify and enhance your eCommerce operations. These enhancements reflect our dedication to offering modern, adaptable solutions for today's dynamic eCommerce landscape.

Walley Integration - Expanding Payment Options for the Nordic Market:

Embrace greater flexibility in payment processing with our new Walley integration. Walley, a leader in the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) sphere, particularly in the Nordic region, now joins our comprehensive range of payment services. This integration is a breeze, thanks to our user-friendly merchant portal and straightforward guidelines. It significantly strengthens the B2B capabilities of Brink Commerce API, offering merchants in the Nordic market an array of versatile payment solutions.

Upgraded Voyado Integration - Enhancing Voucher and Promotion Management:

Streamlining your front-end integrations just got easier with the upgraded Voyado integration. Integrated directly into a Brink Session, this enhancement simplifies the process of leveraging Voyado as a provider. It offers a unified approach to managing Voyado vouchers and promotions, ensuring seamless data management from cart to checkout, and even post-purchase. Notably, it now supports multi-channel offers, customizable through the Brink promotion engine for tailored customer experiences.

Introducing 'OptimizeBuyGet' - A Leap in Discount Management:

With the introduction of the "OptimizeBuyGet" feature, Brink Commerce API takes discount management to the next level. This new tool allows merchants to create more dynamic offers using our promotion engine. For example, set up promotions where purchasing specific quantities triggers discounts on selected items in the cart, like 20% off the priciest or 50% off the least expensive product upon buying three items. This feature is designed to motivate larger purchases and enhance customer satisfaction.

These enhancements to the Brink Commerce API are part of our ongoing commitment to providing you with a customizable, efficient, and forward-thinking eCommerce experience.

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