Brink Commerce API Updates for February

Brink Commerce API Updates for February
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We have kicked off the new year with some really cool updates to our product offering:

Walley Integrated Shipping - Alongside offering Walley Checkout with both B2C and B2B capabilities, we have also launched the possibility of running shipping providers Nshift as an integrated part of the checkout. This allows merchants to further streamline their checkout flow by utilizing address validation via Walley for checkout options.

Qliro One - In February, Qliro One became part of the joint payment stack at Brink Commerce, allowing merchants to configure their payment offering channels, meaning merchant can now tailor their offering to an even further extent.

Order creation in Merchant Portal - Merchants utilizing Brink can now create orders in the merchants portal and distribute pre-configured checkouts to customers, hence further increasing the ability to cater to consumers' post-purchase needs like adding to orders or ordering new products on the go. This feature will be enhanced over the coming months and will be an effective tool for operations and customer service.

The Big Bang!

Order Management - The true big bang this month is the release of the new order management capabilities. This enables merchants to unify integrations to Brink Commerce and move operations to Brink Order Management. Operations for Payments, shipping, bonuses, vouchers, and gift cards are unified to enable merchants to be even more flexible in their consumer offering and stay in control of their offering over time. In this first release, deliveries, partial and full, alongside cancel operations, are available.

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