Brink Commerce API Updates for August 2023

Brink Commerce API Updates for August 2023
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The Brink Commerce team has been busy after the vacation period. We've updated Brink Commerce API to improve how you manage your commerce ecosystem. Let's look at two new features that make it easier for merchants to adapt to business needs. These changes offer practical solutions while maintaining the flexibility and customization you value.

Real-Time Stock Change Notifications

Our Brand API now offers the ability to communicate stock changes—whether an item goes "In Stock" or "Out of Stock"—through webhooks and/or AWS EventBridge events.

This feature allows:

  • Real-Time Data to Merchandising Systems: Keep your merchandising or personalization system (like XO/Algolia) up-to-date with accurate stock information.
  • Back-in-Stock Functionality: Whether it’s a feature you provide or one from a third party, keeping customers informed about product availability has never been easier.

Use Cases

  • When a productVariant switches from a positive to a zero or negative stock level, an event/webhook triggers to mark it "Out of Stock."
  • When a productVariant moves from a negative to a positive stock level, an event/webhook triggers to mark it "In Stock."

This real-time feature is indispensable for keeping your merchandising strategies agile and responsive to actual stock levels.

Manage API Credentials in Merchant Portal (Retail)

Manage all your credentials directly from the Brink Merchant Portal. This update enables you to:

  • See: View all your active and expired API credentials.
  • Create: Quickly set up new keys.
  • Update: Make changes to existing credentials effortlessly.
  • Administer Scopes: Control API access rights, ensuring each integrator has only the level of access they require.

Commercial Upside

Enhanced security and manageability, less administrative overhead, and fine-grained control.

Technical Upside:

Centralized management of credentials provides a cleaner, more secure architecture that simplifies debugging and governance.

John Osvald
John Osvald

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