Next-generation rider protection brand Y/ELM+ breaking new paths with Brink Commerce API

November 7, 2022
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Next-generation rider protection brand Y/ELM+ breaking new paths with Brink Commerce API

Y/ELM+ is raising the bar for rider safety standards with a new future-proofed composable eCommerce and fulfillment solution from Brink Commerce and World-360.

In 2021, Alexandra Berhe, a longtime rider, and product development expert Erik Liden joined forces to create Y/ELM+, the next generation of rider protection.

The brand strives to effect positive change in the riding sport with safety products that allow people to ride safely in any way they please without conforming to old norms.

Y/ELM+ combines technology and material innovation to create high–performing, discreet protection solutions. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, the brand is putting the safety and comfort of riders at the heart of its business.

"We're on a mission to transform riding. We want to challenge the norms and create possibilities for our fellow riders to break new paths and enjoy riding in new ways. We take pride in making safety our top priority by keeping our designs user-friendly and up-to-date, and we are constantly trying to better ourselves for our fellow riders," says Mikaela Reiserer, co-founder and COO of Y/ELM+.

The company's first creation to hit the market is the Hybrid Helmet 1.0. With a MIPS–powered layer counteracting rotational force and an ABS safety shell that spreads out the impact energy, the Hybrid 1.0 provides complete protection in the case of a fall accident. An innovative product with safety standards exceeding those of high-risk sports like downhill skiing. In addition, the Hybrid Helmet 1.0 serves as a platform for the company's safety ecosystem, with many expansion options in the plans.

Hybrid Helmet 1.0 is sold using Brink Commerce API

For Y/ELM+, looks and comfort are as important as safety. Therefore, their design process aims to create discreet, comfortable, and stylish products that riders actually want to wear - products that are integrated with the active rider's specific needs, enabling a freer riding experience.

With a global outlook, the company is now breaking new paths to enable the same experience for riders everywhere, with plans to launch its products in several markets in the near future.

"Riding, as well as eCommerce, are global, and we were looking for solutions that enabled us to reach riders wherever they are. The combined strengths of World-360 and Brink Commerce give us that. We now have a future-proofed eCommerce operation that will enable us to grow to any market and expand our offering as we explore new ideas and strategies," Mikaela Reiserer continues.

To help Y/ELM+ grow and reach customers globally, Brink Commerce has partnered with World-360, an integrated eCommerce and fulfillment service.

"We love companies like Y/ELM+ that challenge the traditional way of doing things. And it's inspiring to see how our one-stop fulfillment service for eCommerce enables them to focus on their passions. We will take care of the rest. A great fit since logistics is OUR passion," says David Lidén, COO at World-360

World-360 will handle the front-end, fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics, while Brink Commerce API will manage the order and cart creation, acting as the foundation for all integrations. In addition, the new ecosystem will include best-of-breed systems such as a new CMS and a new platform for Product Information Management.

"For a D2C brand to succeed today, you need passion. And great products, of course. Y/ELM+ has both of those covered, without a doubt. But you also need a world-class eCommerce operation, and we're confident Brink Commerce API will enable Y/ELM+ to go wherever their passion takes them in the future," says Kristian Tysander, CEO of Brink Commerce.

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