Lekmer Partners with Brink Commerce to simplify eCommerce operations

September 21, 2023
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Lekmer Partners with Brink Commerce to simplify eCommerce operations

Lekmer.com, one of the Nordic region's leading online stores for families with children, has decided to form a strategic partnership with Brink Commerce. The collaboration aims to simplify Lekmer’s operations and enhance its online shopping experience.

Lekmer is an online children's store that has made shopping a breeze for families since its inception in 2006. Offering an extensive range of products from baby essentials, children's clothing, and toys to children's room decor, prams, and car seats, Lekmer has effectively curated a one-stop shop for all children's needs. They are renowned for their commitment to high availability, swift deliveries, and exceptional service, making them a much-loved destination for secure and popular children's products.

The company, which became a part of Babyshop Group in 2017, has consistently earned admiration from families across the Nordic region.

As Lekmer strives to continue being the top player in the Nordic region for online toy sales, they are addressing the challenges that come with growth, recognizing the need for a simplified and flexible eCommerce solution to enhance its services further.

"We were facing growing pains as we expanded," said Karin Mineur, CEO of Babyshop Group. "We needed a solution that could keep up with our ambitions without adding more layers of technical complexity."

Enter Brink Commerce. The Composable Commerce approach, which includes best-of-breed components like inriver for Product Information Management (PIM), Contentful as a Content Management System (CMS), and Brink Commerce API as the foundation, offers a solution with reduced complexity to streamline the operations in everything from currency conversions to integrations.

The new Composable Commerce ecosystem, built from the ground up by the senior in-house team to facilitate efficient scaling and rapid innovation, is ideally suited to propel Lekmer further on its ambitious path.

David Strömberg, Head of Development at Babyshop Group, commented, "From the get-go, we knew we needed something that would let us build and change things on the fly, keeping up with shifting trends and customer habits. Brink Commerce API fits the bill perfectly. Plus, getting to know and working with the folks over at Brink Commerce has been really valuable."
Kristian Tysander, CEO and Co-founder of Brink Commerce, added, "We're thrilled to collaborate with Lekmer, a company that has played a pivotal role in pioneering eCommerce in the Nordic region. Our partnership represents an exciting opportunity to support and contribute to their growth."

About Brink Commerce

Founded in 2018 by Kristian Tysander, Marcus Ljungberg, and Patrik Antonsson, Brink Commerce offers a Composable Commerce API for mid to large enterprises seeking increased innovation and flexibility while expecting reliability and performance. The product has proven its strength and flexibility with customers worldwide, setting a new standard for building Composable Commerce ecosystems. Brink Commerce is a certified member of the MACH Alliance.

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