How success is born: Babyshop goes composable with Brink Commerce API

September 12, 2023
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How success is born: Babyshop goes composable with Brink Commerce API

Babyshop is a leading international retailer, offering everything from children's clothing to prams from renowned brands. Always dedicated to delivering a superior shopping experience, Babyshop has opted to upgrade its existing eCommerce technology to align with its plans for the future. We're thrilled to announce they've chosen Brink Commerce as their partner.

Kristian Tysander, co-founder and CEO of Brink Commerce, expresses his delight: "We are obviously thrilled to be entrusted with supporting an eCommerce pioneer like Babyshop in their next steps. This is exactly why we created Brink Commerce API - to alleviate challenges for global merchants."

Babyshop carefully evaluated several key factors during its comprehensive selection process. Among these crucial criteria were agility in cost management, reduced complexity, and a solid commitment to sustainability.

Brink Commerce API is designed to optimize energy consumption and significantly lower carbon emissions compared to traditional enterprise solutions, so the selection aligns perfectly with Babyshop’s sustainability goals. It demonstrates a forward-looking approach to responsible business practices.

Built on the principles of MACH, Brink Commerce  API's serverless infrastructure and headless architecture introduce a new level of flexibility and efficiency into Babyshop's operations, ensuring the company can support its global operations in everything from easy currency conversions to fast and easy integrations. The emphasis on agility in cost management complements Babyshop's goal to maximize efficiency while maintaining the highest customer experience standards and financial stability.

This strategic alignment lays a strong foundation for Babyshop's adoption of a Composable Commerce approach, setting the stage for a successful and future-ready eCommerce journey.

Karin Mineur, CEO at Babyshop Group, shares her vision: "Our main focus has always been to provide fashion-conscious parents and children with the best shopping experience, excellent service, and expert product knowledge. To achieve this, we must be able to continually refine our online presence while keeping our cost structure agile. The capacity to rapidly adapt to consumer trends and incorporate new tech without extensive development projects is vital. After evaluating several suppliers, Brink Commerce API stood out with its serverless infrastructure and true headless capabilities. The choice was ultimately straightforward."

With reduced complexity due to a system built using the principles of MACH, Babyshop can deliver a seamless, low-latency shopping experience to customers worldwide. Moreover, the platform's autoscaling capabilities enable the brand to manage significant order volumes and global campaigns effortlessly.

David Strömberg, Head of Development at Babyshop Group, says of their focus: "Flexibility and having the right tools to simplify our tasks were key when assessing potential solutions. With Brink Commerce API, we feel like we're in the driver's seat. It seems like the possibilities are endless. Plus, the fantastic relationship with the Brink Commerce team during the initial phase has been a bonus."

Developed in-house by a senior team, Babyshop's innovative tech stack will leverage Brink Commerce API as a critical component, with inriver (PIM), Contentful (CMS), and other leading enterprise systems and front-end technologies completing the future-ready Composable Commerce ecosystem.

"We're incredibly pleased to help Babyshop manifest one of their core values: 'Lead, Not Follow' in everything from tech capabilities and cost management to sustainability. Brink Commerce API equips them with the tools needed to create extraordinary digital experiences and the freedom to experiment and innovate continuously," concludes Kristian Tysander.

About Brink Commerce

Founded in 2020 by Kristian Tysander, Marcus Ljungberg, and Patrik Antonsson, Brink Commerce offers a Composable Commerce API for mid to large enterprises seeking increased innovation and flexibility while expecting reliability and performance. The product has proven its strength and flexibility with customers worldwide, setting a new standard for building Composable Commerce ecosystems. Brink Commerce is a certified member of the MACH Alliance.

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