HiQ and Brink Commerce in strategic partnership

October 12, 2021
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HiQ and Brink Commerce in strategic partnership

Tech consulting firm HiQ and Brink Commerce enter into a strategic partnership, with a common goal of becoming the leading digital commerce offering in Europe for global players and fast-growing D2C companies.

A key player in digital commerce such as HiQ is a perfect partner for us. We have always seen the world as our market and, thanks to their expertise and strength, we get an even greater opportunity to quickly scale up and deliver more value to our customers. The fact that an industry-leading company like HiQ chooses Brink Commerce as a partner is very inspiring and further proof that our way of building modern solutions for digital commerce is what the market wants “, says Kristian Tysander, co-founder and CEO of Brink Commerce.

The collaboration is based on a shared view of how modern digital commerce should be built and managed. HiQ’s broad expertise in digitization, and long experience from many different industries, together with the groundbreaking technology from Brink Commerce creates an attractive offer for both fast-growing D2C companies and global players. Brink Commerce API, developed from the ground up to handle large volumes and at the same time allow customers to quickly and easily integrate all the elements necessary in modern digital commerce, will be the technology platform for the collaboration.

“We continuously evaluate the leading platforms on the market and collaborate with many of them in our different projects with clients. Brink Commerce caught our eye both because of our trust in the owners and the management, their vision for the future, and how the solution is technically structured. The global perspective, performance, serverless, and headless are all significant parameters today. We look forward to delivering world-class solutions together with Brink Commerce,” says Mattias Pihlström, responsible for HiQ’s e-commerce offering.

Brink Commerce API — trusted by hyper-growth D2C brands like C'est Normal
Brink Commerce API — trusted by hyper-growth D2C brands like C'est Normal

The collaboration begins with several joint customer projects, HiQ comes in with expertise in delivering digital commerce projects, both through business and technical support, and Brink Commerce provides the optimized technical commerce platform.

“We felt a good connection right from the start, and we complement each other as companies very well. I am very impressed by the extensive knowledge that HiQ has, and we are very much looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together“, concludes Kristian Tysander.

About Brink Commerce

Founded in 2020 by Kristian Tysander, Marcus Ljungberg, and Patrik Antonsson, Brink Commerce offers a Composable Commerce API for mid to large enterprises seeking increased innovation and flexibility while expecting reliability and performance. The product has proven its strength and flexibility with customers worldwide, setting a new standard for building Composable Commerce ecosystems. Brink Commerce is a certified member of the MACH Alliance.

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