Experience Data Platform Occtoo partners with Brink Commerce

January 26, 2023
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Experience Data Platform Occtoo partners with Brink Commerce

Ground-breaking Experience Data Platform Occtoo and Brink Commerce are joining forces to provide best-of-breed composable solutions to retailers and D2C brands looking to hyper-scale their digital initiatives. The two companies will leverage the power of composable architecture to offer customers the ability to combine the power of several different technologies and embrace the latest advancements with minimal friction.

Occtoo's Experience Data Platform significantly reduces time to market when building new customer experiences and enables digital teams to spend more time innovating the customer experience and less time and money integrating data between different platforms. With Occtoo's cloud-native Experience Data Platform, customer teams can easily unify content with customer and context data from backend systems (PIM, CRM, ERP, etc.) into unique datasets that are made available by real-time APIs to any front-end or channel.

"Working on a project together for Axel Arigato, we have witnessed the excellent workmanship and expertise of the Brink Commerce team. Our combined composable solutions make for an extremely strong and potent solution for retailers and brands looking to fast forward their digital customer experience initiatives, and we are looking forward to making some great noise in the market with our combined expertise," says Niclas Mollin, CEO & Co-founder, Occtoo.

On the other hand, Brink Commerce's headless Commerce API is a high-performing solution that gives retailers and D2C brands unparalleled performance and flexibility. It is architected in a way that enables it to scale linearly without limitations within milliseconds, capable of handling 5000 orders per minute. It is also compatible with any front-end and commonly used third-party CMS, CRM, PIM, and ERP services.

"We're thrilled to be working with Occtoo on the exciting Axel Arigato project and many more to come. Together, we are bringing the best components for a composable commerce approach to the market. The combination of our commerce API and Occtoo's Experience Data Platform enables our customers to quickly and easily create exceptional eCommerce experiences. We are confident that the results our customers will achieve with this powerful solution will be truly outstanding." - Kristian Tysander, CEO & Co-founder, Brink Commerce.

The partnership has already been demonstrated in action through a joint project for Axel Arigato, where Brink Commerce leveraged Occtoo's Experience Data Platform to fuel Axel Arigato's eCommerce, marketplaces, and in-store experiences with unified data.

About Brink Commerce

Founded in 2020 by Kristian Tysander, Marcus Ljungberg, and Patrik Antonsson, Brink Commerce offers a Composable Commerce API for mid to large enterprises seeking increased innovation and flexibility while expecting reliability and performance. The product has proven its strength and flexibility with customers worldwide, setting a new standard for building Composable Commerce ecosystems. Brink Commerce is a certified member of the MACH Alliance.

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