Dropping In on a New Era: Streetworld Chooses Brink Commerce

October 24, 2023
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Dropping In on a New Era: Streetworld Chooses Brink Commerce

A proper stance and a solid grip are crucial for landing any trick in skateboarding. Similarly, having the right vision and supporting tech is essential for success in the ever-challenging eCommerce landscape. Streetworld, the community-driven platform deeply rooted in skateboarding, streetwear, and gaming cultures, has found its perfect stance by partnering with Brink Commerce.

A Brand with a Vision

In a world where eCommerce often prioritizes KPIs over substance, Streetworld emerges as a breath of fresh air. Founded by a team of 12 co-founders led by Thomas Hjert Löfgren, the visionary entrepreneur behind Junkyard, Streetworld is not just another online store. It's a community-driven platform that aims to be the center of skateboarding, streetwear, and gaming cultures.

The Streetworld founders
Some of the founders

The collective expertise of Streetworld's founding team, who have a rich history in the eCommerce industry, ensures that the brand is more than equipped to make its vision a reality.

"Streetworld has been a vision long in the making. It's not just about eCommerce; it's about creating a community where self-expression and authenticity are celebrated. We aim to be the go-to destination for those who live and breathe skateboarding, streetwear, and gaming," says Thomas Hjert Löfgren, CEO of Streetworld.

So, the vision is clear: It's not just about selling products; it's about inspiring individuals to push boundaries, explore their passions, and embrace their unique identities.

Curating Authentic Experiences

Following their vision, Streetworld aims to curate diverse, high-quality products and experiences that resonate deeply with their target audience.

"We're a brand that understands our community, and we want to offer authentic products and experiences that resonate with our audience's passions," adds Thomas.

Enabling the Vision

While the vision is the absolute soul of the brand for Streetworld, Brink Commerce has provided the technical backbone that allows it to come to life.

"Imagine speaking to someone about something they feel really passionate about and realizing you have built just what they need to make it a reality. It's very inspiring. Brink Commerce API is the right fit for Streetworld, as our technology supports their vision and plans, now and in the future," says Kristian Tysander, CEO of Brink Commerce.

To bring their vision to life, Streetworld has assembled a composable tech stack that includes Plytix for product information management, Algolia for search and discovery, AWS Lambda for serverless computing, Vercel/Next.js for front-end development, and Klarna for payment solutions. At the core of this tech ensemble is the Brink Commerce API, providing the agility and customization that enables Streetworld to be the dynamic platform it aspires to be.

The Road Ahead: A Future Defined by Community and Authenticity

Streetworld remains committed to its vision as they continues to grow. The future looks promising with upcoming collaborations with major brands like Adidas and Carhartt.

"We're just getting started. With Brink Commerce as our technical partner, there’s really nothing holding us back," concludes Thomas.

Join the community at https://www.streetworld.com.

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