Brink & Turnr partner for sustainable Àvora eCommerce

July 3, 2023
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Brink & Turnr partner for sustainable Àvora eCommerce

With a shared vision of promoting environmentally friendly and economically sustainable practices, Brink Commerce and Turnr aim to transform how businesses manage their online operations and returns. Their first joint endeavor centers around the premium fashion brand Àvora, offering a seamless and sustainable shopping experience.

Àvora, a premium brand co-founded by successful entrepreneurs Bianca Ingrosso, Vanessa Lindblad, and Victor Appelqvist, has made strides in the fashion industry with its sustainable and iconic designs. The brand's commitment to bridging the gap between classic and modern designs while focusing on sustainability and responsible production has positioned it at the forefront of premium fashion.

The founding trio of Àvora: Bianca Ingrosso, Vanessa Lindblad, and Victor Appelqvist
The founding trio of Àvora: Bianca Ingrosso, Vanessa Lindblad, and Victor Appelqvist
"We are thrilled to work with Brink Commerce and Turnr, two companies that truly echo our commitment to sustainability," said Victor Appelqvist, co-founder of Àvora. "The combination of the innovative eCommerce solutions and sustainable approach to handling returns provides us with a unique platform that perfectly aligns with our sustainable mission."

With its recent partnership with Brink Commerce and Turnr, Àvora is poised to further its mission to work sustainably while simultaneously providing an unrivaled shopping experience.

"We're happy to align with Brink Commerce, offering Àvora an environmentally-friendly returns solution that simultaneously enhances customer engagement and retention. Our platform's unique approach to reducing the environmental footprint of returns presents a significant stride in sustainable eCommerce, making this partnership an exciting development for all parties involved," said Linus Robertsson, CEO and Co-founder of Turnr.

The alliance between Brink Commerce and Turnr represents a new way for merchants to be sustainable, having already saved the planet from 1.2 million kilometers of unnecessary transport and an estimated 20 metric tons of CO2e emissions in the last 12 months.

Combining Brink Commerce's serverless infrastructure, renowned for its scalability and environmental efficiency, with Turnr's returns automation platform, which features one-click exchanges and customer-to-customer returns, the partnership presents a comprehensive, sustainable solution for eCommerce brands. Àvora is the first beneficiary of this partnership, leveraging the combined power of both platforms to boost its operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and environmental footprint.

"To join forces with Turnr and work with Àvora, a brand that mirrors our dedication to innovation and sustainability, is thrilling. By integrating our scalable eCommerce solutions with Turnr's cutting-edge returns management system, we are equipping Àvora with the tools to thrive in today's digital marketplace while staying true to their commitment to the environment," said Kristian Tysander, CEO and Co-founder of Brink Commerce.

As consumer awareness of environmental issues grows, the demand for sustainable practices in eCommerce is becoming increasingly critical. This partnership between Brink Commerce and Turnr, starting with Àvora, exemplifies how technology and innovation can harmonize business growth with environmental responsibility. It marks a significant step forward in the sustainable eCommerce trend, setting a new standard for online businesses worldwide. The future of eCommerce is here, and it is sustainable.

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