Voyado and Brink Commerce create a strategic alliance for world-class customer experiences

May 6, 2022
Voyado and Brink Commerce create a strategic alliance for world-class customer experiences

Customer Experience Platform Voyado and Brink Commerce have entered into a strategic partnership, forming a leading offering for global merchants and fast-growing D2C companies.

"eCommerce is all about the customer experience. A brand that is easy to love will always be more successful. At Brink Commerce, we enable our customers to build an ecosystem for their specific needs, with a low-latency experience wherever they want to sell. Together with Voyado and our agency partners, we can offer a winning concept for the entire customer journey," says Mattias Ekman, CCO at Brink Commerce.

The partnership builds on a shared focus on world-class customer experiences, allowing merchants to create brands that keep customers coming back - again and again. With Voyado's expertise in customer loyalty and personalized communication and the groundbreaking technology from Brink Commerce, fast-growing D2C companies and global merchants will have the foundation for rapid growth. 

"We are looking forward to working with Brink Commerce. It's inspiring to think about all the great things we can help customers accomplish. To grow their business using integrated personalized communication, automated marketing, and modern composable commerce solutions, " says Niklas Brattfors, Strategic Partnership Manager, Voyado.

The partnership is already up and running in several joint customer projects, where Voyado delivers increased customer experience and conversion solutions while Brink Commerce provides the headless and serverless technical eCommerce platform.

"I am very impressed by the results Voyado has helped customers achieve. It's proof that they really know what they are doing. This is going to be great", concludes Mattias Ekman.

For more information contact

Mattias Ekman, CCO, Brink Commerce: mattias.ekman@brinkcommerce.com

Niklas Brattfors, Strategic Partnership Manager, Voyado: niklas.brattfors@voyado.com

About Brink Commerce

Brink Commerce was founded in 2018 by Kristian Tysander, Marcus Ljungberg, and Patrik Antonsson — all with extensive experience in digital business and technical development from companies such as Daniel Wellington, H&M, and Klarna. The Brink Commerce API has been developed to solve the challenges many fast-growing D2C companies and global players face. With customers from all over the world, the product has already proven its strength and flexibility and has become the new standard for building digital trading systems.

Brink Commerce founders

Brink Commerce founders (from left) Marcus Ljungberg, Kristian Tysander, and Patrik Antonsson

The company is in a strong growth phase and therefore in 2021 raised capital from, among others, Jarno Vanhatapio (Nelly, NA-KD), Alexander Hars (Let’s deal, Desenio), Albin Johansson (Axel Arigato), Filip Tysander (Daniel Wellington) and reputable investment companies Wellstreet and Innovation Nest. The company’s commercial management includes profiles from e-commerce and fintech such as Christian Zanders (founder and former CEO of Jetshop) and Mattias Ekman, who previously worked as Head of Merchant Development and Acquisition at Klarna.