The story of Brink Commerce

Everything started in 2017 when two of our founders Kristian Tysander and Patrik Antonsson worked at Daniel Wellington. Together with their team, they had built the entire tech ecosystem to support Daniel Wellingtons’ massive international growth, using the latest technology available at the time. Still, they were facing major capacity challenges during product launches and larger campaigns. There was simply no system available that could handle the huge amounts of traffic and orders they received in different parts of the world. Their systems crashed which resulted in lost business and disappointed customers. 

After some long sleepless nights and head-scratching, they decided to get together with Marcus Ljungberg, who at the time was working at Klarna, to build something themselves. Something that didn’t exist yet and something that was based on a whole new way of thinking that would change the game. A new standard for commerce. So they did just that, and Brink Commerce API was born.

Brink Commerce founders

Brink Commerce founders (from left) Marcus, Kristian, and Patrik

After some time of hard work, the company Brink Commerce was founded in 2018. The first employee was hired the same year, and the first office was opened in Stockholm.

The company continued to grow during 2018-2021, onboarding several successful customers and adding key competencies. 

In 2022, we are a team of 20 super-talented professionals and have successfully completed a seed round to support our scale-up phase. We are now backed by well-known investors such as Jarno Vanhatapio (Nelly, NA-KD), Alexander Hars (Let’s deal, Desenio), Albin Johansson (Axel Arigato), Filip Tysander (Daniel Wellington), and reputable investment companies Wellstreet and Innovation Nest.

The commercial team, ready to take Brink Commerce to the next level is also in place, with experienced eCommerce and fintech profiles Mattias Ekman, John Osvald (formerly Klarna), and Christian Zanders, Petter Johansson (formerly Jetshop).

At the time of writing, we are entering 2022, and the company is full of confidence, ready to take the first steps into the world. We have a product that has more than proved itself, working as intended to solve the challenges of modern commerce. We are supporting a whole host of international customers in their growth journeys and have watched with pride how the system can handle anything our customers throw at it, in terms of huge traffic increases or major campaigns.

In 2022, we will open offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Berlin, Germany to start with, and continue to grow the team to handle all exciting development and customer projects we have on our roadmap.

The future's so bright we have to wear sunglasses. Get in touch if you want to join the journey.

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Order and cart engine

Order and cart engine

Uncrashable commerce

The single most important process in digital commerce is the order process. Handle huge volumes of transactions and scale resources automatically within milliseconds.

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Payments and shipping included

Payments and shipping included

Payments and shipping are of course crucial parts of digital commerce. Therefore, we offer optimized out-of-the-box support for all popular payment and shipping options such as Adyen, Stripe,, Klarna, Paypal, UPS, FedEx, DHL among others. We are committed to your business needs, and will also integrate with any other option you may need.

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Business Value
APIs for integrators

APIs for integrators

Integrations made easy with state-of-the-art APIs

Built on a best-of-breed philosophy, Brink Commerce API enables you to connect all the components you need for your digital commerce ecosystem.

For integrators