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Collar of Sweden and Brink Commerce team up for a paw-some new eCommerce partnership!

May 9, 2023
Collar of Sweden and Brink Commerce team up for a paw-some new eCommerce partnership!

Collar of Sweden, a company founded in 2018 by Melina Jagne and David Åberg, plans to become a leading brand in the dog accessory market. With the help of their two Italian Greyhounds, who demanded stylish collars and leashes on their walks, Collar of Sweden aims to create a trendy and modern brand matching the modern dog owner's style. The company is now launching its new eCommerce adventure with Brink Commerce API as the top dog in the tech stack.

Collar of Sweden's collars blends timeless colors with trendy patterns and matching hardware to achieve a cohesive look. Each collar design is complemented by a corresponding lead, name tag, and bag holder, resulting in a complete ensemble. The designs draw inspiration from a variety of sources, ranging from fast food to the latest runway trends.

Collar of Sweden has already left paw prints all over the globe, delivering to over 60 countries, from the serene forests of Sweden to the sandy beaches of Australia and the bustling streets of New York and Tokyo. The collection of stylish collars and leashes has become a must-have for fashion-conscious urbanites who seek to coordinate their style with their furry companions.

To launch the new composable eCommerce ecosystem, Collar of Sweden partnered with Brink Commerce and eCommerce agency Cone Digital. The platform enables Collar of Sweden to launch its offering in multiple countries, with local currencies and local payment methods, making it possible to expand the brand's reach and grow significantly over a long period of time. 

"Our aim is to become a leading brand in the dog accessory market, and our collaboration with Brink Commerce is a crucial step in achieving that goal. With Brink Commerce API as the foundation in our tech stack, we can launch our offering in multiple countries, allowing us to expand the brand's reach and grow significantly over time," said David Åberg, co-founder of Collar of Sweden.

Following the debut of its new eCommerce ecosystem, Collar of Sweden's premier collection will be exclusively available on its website. The platform is designed with the future in mind, enabling Collar of Sweden to streamline the management of its online stores, track inventory, process payments, and handle shipping and logistics across all international markets.

We're thrilled to collaborate with Collar of Sweden and empower them to exhibit their products to a global audience. We deeply appreciate brands that take something conventional and infuse it with a fresh new perspective and exceptional quality. As such, we're eager to bolster their progress and prosperity," stated Kristian Tysander, CEO and Co-founder of Brink Commerce.

Collar of Sweden is set to make a mark in the dog accessory market with its stylish and sustainable products. The company's partnership with Brink Commerce will enable it to offer its customers a seamless world-class shopping experience worldwide.

Visit the new Collar Of Sweden site here.

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